Audio out of sync with movie


Hi there, I am trying to help my brother who says that every movie he tries to watch on popcorn time that the audio is out of sync with the picture. I downloaded the latest version for him yesterday and although the picture is wonderful he is still experiencing the same audio issue. Is there a setting fix I could tell him to change or does his pc need a codec or something. I am helping him as he is disabled and he’s not very pc savvy.


Which popcorntime version (name/build number) did you download … and from where?


Hi merseyman,thanks for replying I got 3.10 from


I’m a Mac user so this might be interesting!

Can you describe your brothers set-up? Which OS / computer / watching on PC or TV / using external speakers / only PT movies affected (local files, YouTube etc ok) / Audio ahead or behind picture (how much?) / Graphics/audio drivers up to date?


Hi merseyman, I’m going to have to do a bit more work here. I know his laptop connected to the internet by an ethernet wire is a windows 10 64 bit edition machine. It is connected to his Sharp tv by an hdmi cable. As for the drivers I’m not sure, and like wise the audio being behind or in front I’ll have to get in touch with him and find out exactly the problem. With it being late I will probably ring him tomorrow now and find out tomorrow. Once I get the info you require I will post sometime tomorrow (not during the derby obviously).



Can you find out if the sync is ok when viewing PT on his laptop (no hdmi cable)?
He’s cabled to the router … is he a “Gamer”?


It’s awful being the man in the middle and not knowing the info you require. I know some soundbars have an issue with out of sync stuff but he hasn’t hooked that up on this tv this time. No he is not a gamer as he has prblems with his hands (long list of medical problems) I will try to get more info tomorrow.


is his PC older and not powerful enough? It happens to me sometimes. Try to install VLC Player and watch movies with it. When movie is not synced with audio just press spacebar 2 times and this will fix problem.


Hi darkside, thank you for replying, yes my brothers machine is getting on a bit but we were able to upgrade to windows 10 when they were offering that as a free up-grade. As I said earlier the quality of the picture is superb, with him using PCT for quite some time now. I would say that he’s been saying to me that for about 3 or 4 months he’s noticed this start to happen (he does use other sites but loves the quality of PCT). I tell him to use a small program called Smart Close which closes all unessessary programs that run in the background so that all power is given to PCT but he says that doesn’t help. How do we go about making VLC play the content using it rather than in PCT’s own player? And is the spacebar hit twice fix once we are using VLC or still watching through PCT?


I have in my own language but I hope you will understand anyway.
When he install VLC Player he can choose with which player he want to watch. When is audio out of sync he just press spacebar 2 times and audio will be synced again


If that works … I’ll eat my socks!




Hi guy’s, I sometimes use Teamviewer to access my brothers pc from my end so once I get in touch with him I give all you have suggested a try. If it works it works and if not we’ll keep trying.