Constant app issues after 3 years of using


I’ve been using PopcornTime for almost 3 years now, and never had any issues. Movies and TV shows loaded very quickly, and I never had to worry about crashing or freezing. This past week while trying to watch Riverdale, it would take 20+ minutes to load an episode, buffer for a few minutes and then freeze. I force quit, re-opened, and it would stay at 3% download for hours if I let it. This Monday trying to download the Shawshank Redemption, it sat for over an hour while I was making dinner, loaded to 12% and didn’t move. I ended up renting the movie on YouTube… Tonight I got so frustrated it wasn’t downloading, I deleted every trace of it from my Mac (except a folder called PopcornTime that I can’t manage to delete, it’s empty though) went to and tried to download Beta 6.1 and it wouldn’t load, went to the site suggested here, and it wouldn’t download either. There’s nothing I can find in any of the reddit posts, and nothing here that was similar, but movies not downloading (or downloading and then having irremovable chinese subtitles when it finally does download, like crimes fo grindlewald) is soooo annoying. Please help!


Try Dev version on you will have more peers but less codecs