Disable movies being shown under 3.5 rating


Set up popcorn time to disable movies being shown under 3.5 rating - Beta Version December 2016


Never thought I’d see that pesky doppelgänger again … you’re using a discredited clone of PT instigated by a “bad actor”. Namely, the “Samewhiterabbits” in this article: https://torrentfreak.com/reddits-piracy-sub-reddit-reopens-after-mutiny-shutdown-170523/ … To quote:

According to one of the moderators now in charge of /r/piracy, a now-former moderator by the name of Samewhiterabbits committed a sin by using the sub-Reddit to further his own agenda. ‘Dysgraphical’ says that the problems started when Samewhiterabbits began heavily spamming the ‘sub’ with links to his own streaming website projects.

This subreddit supports the eponymous Popcorntime.sh 0.3.10. (genuine version)
“If you have a different version than the abovementioned, we generally can’t help you.”

This is your Forum … https://www.reddit.com/r/PopcornTimeCE/ … 13 posts in one year (says it all really!)