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What website for Popcorn Time should I download from?

You should download Popcorn Time from for the newest official version.

Is that website a scam? Does it contain a virus?

No. The official Popcorn Time is open source, and the source code is available at if you’re interested. Since it’s open source, anyone can look through the source code to find problems. Popcorn Time is not a scamming you or hiding a virus.

I think Popcorn Time gave me a virus or other malware.

Make sure you are using the official version of Popcorn Time, from the website. If you downloaded Popcorn Time from somewhere else, it may possibly contain a virus someone else added. The official Popcorn Time website is malware-free, and any malware you may find via an antivirus scan are all false positives. Again, if you are a programmer, you are welcome to look through the Popcorn Time source code to confirm that it is malware free.

Is Popcorn Time a honeypot controlled by the MPAA?

No. Recently, the MPAA has issued DMCA notices against as reported by a Torrentfreak article. It would be quite silly for the MPAA to issue legal threats against itself. If you’re not sure and want confirmation, see the commit log to look at the community writing code for Popcorn Time.

Some guys have “evidence” that some Popcorn Time websites are secretly controlled by the MPAA, but they’re all lies. The technical details can be found in this post. The people who do know who currently operates Popcorn Time publicly states that it isn’t run by the MPAA, and if there were any real evidence the MPAA is operating Popcorn Time, then news sources like Torrentfreak, etc would all be reporting about it. The actual operators of Popcorn Time are trying to stay anonymous (for the obvious reason that they don’t want to be a target for legal problems).

Is using Popcorn Time legal?

Depends on where you’re from, really. Popcorn Time uses bittorrent, so if you really care, you’d better google what the legal situation around these protocol is where you live.

Popcorn Time works using torrents, fair enough. Am I seeding while watching a movie?

Yes, you are. You’re going to be uploading bits and bits of the movie for as long as you’re watching it on Popcorn Time. Using a VPN is the easiest way to hide this web traffic.

I want to protect my privacy when using Popcorn Time or other torrent software, what should I do?

You should use a VPN provider to hide your internet access. This helps prevent people from finding your IP address and tracking you.

Where can I learn about VPNs to safely watch videos with Popcorn Time?

For a lot of info on VPNs, how and which ones to use check out /r/VPN. The subreddit /r/popcorntime does not officially endorse a specific VPN provider for you to use.

What happens to the moves after I’m done?

Your movies will stay buried in a temp folder somewhere in your hard drive until you restart your computer. Then it will be gone for good.

Will there be a new version?

Most definitely, everybody is working hard to make Popcorn Time better than ever. Check for the newest beta compiled builds here.

How come you have the latest movies?

Popcorn Time search for movies uploaded by various sources ( Better ask them how they are handling this!

I want to change which API that I’m using. What do I do?

Go into the Popcorn Time app settings and set your API for movies or TV shows. A list of available APIs can be found here:

Will you be adding movies in my language?

Chances are that most (if not all) of the movies available in Popcorn Time will be in English. However, languages for subtitles and the app itself are constantly being added by our lovely contributors.

I can’t get past the initial “Please wait…” screen :frowning:

Living in the UK? Nothing that can be done about that right now, sorry. But setting up a proxy or a VPN might do the trick! You can also try /u/caseyrain’s solution, posted here.

Why can’t I select subtitles?

You may have to wait until all of the movie data (cover, summary, length, etc…) is retrieved. Sometimes it may be some other issue.

Thinking about launching for iOS/Smart TVs/Commodore 64?

The efforts of our contributors are currently towards making the best desktop app for watching torrent movies. So launching versions for other devices is not in the immediate roadmap.

Are the developers in this subreddit?

We, the mods, are in no way affiliated or connected with the developers and can not confirm they know of /r/PopCornTime.

Are other websites of Popcorn Time safe?

Some other versions of the Popcorn Time app are generally known to be good, although not officially supported by the Popcorn Time team. This includes the version for the Apple TV. These are open source and should be ok to use.

There are other websites for Popcorn Time, which are bad and may contain viruses, spam, etc. This includes the and apps; avoid these if you can.

Refer to this image for clarification.

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