Help with subtitle on Smart TV


I would like to cast movies to my Samsung smart tv with Subtitles. I installed the Popcorn-Time on my MacBook, but when I play a movie on my smart tv, the subtitles doesn’t work, and I can’t find a button to add it? Did I install a wrong version or something like that? Or what am I doing wrong?
Kind regards,
Caio Costa


not all Smart TVs show subtitles. No matter if you have same file name or not


how do I know if my TV you can watch with subtitles? my tv is the Samsung Smartv UN49MU6100



actually the only way is when you stream it from popcorn or Windows directly. And if it show the subs then support then, if it not showed then not.

BUT - you can normally watch it from flash drive or hard drive if they have same file name. yes, I hate same thing on my Samsung Smart TV.


Actually, when I watch on popcorn, the subtitle comes normally in the movie, when I changed to cast on the TV, its go away, and I see no option to add the same subtitle. This is what I find weird.

I have not yet tested downloading the movie directly from the PC, but I’ll try.


yes, I hate this. maybe one day I will buy the chromecast. but I nned to confirm first subtitles normaly works that way.


I have a Chromecast and although it casts some shows and movies with subtitles, some of them don’t. I have no idea what’s wrong but every time you cast something there’s a 50/50 chance there’ll be subtitles.