How can I watch the downloaded movie


I juste downloaded the last version of Popcorn Time on my Mac. While clicking to “Watch” under VLC, VLC opens and the download starts. As it is showed that movie is downloaded however nothing happen on VLC. The screen is open and stops after 7 seconds and nothing happens.
Is the movie downloaded somewhere so that I can use someone else than VLC. (Under butter it says connecting but never goes beyond that step)


Downloaded only means the downloading (connection) has started - not that it is completed (unless you’re talking about much later?)

Movies shouldn’t need VLC … the fact that Butter and VLC can’t download/run any movie may indicate a problem in your set-up? Something may be blocking the download? - are you running an antivirus or using a VPN?


no i’m not using an antivirus nor a VPN


Ok, lets see if it’s torrenting that’s being blocked? Download:

Copy the magnet link from any PT movie - you’ll see it (magnet icon) on the movie “watch now” window. And paste it into Soda Player … does that work?