Not showing the option to stream to Apple TV or Chromecast


I’ve just downloaded the latest version of PopcornTime, and I don’t get the option to stream to any device, only to play on “butter”.
Running Win 10


Which Apple TV Gen do you have?

Do you mean the latest Ci (Dev) Jenkins build … or you’ve just downloaded from

Try rebooting your router, then your PC? If that doesn’t work delete the 'Popcorn-Time" and 'Butter" support folders from :
“C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Popcorn-Time” and
“C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Butter” … (I think? I’m Mac user)
and reboot PT - you should get the T&C’s again?

It should work: 0.3.10


Thanks! I don’t know about the version, just downloaded the one on the site.
As for the Apple TV I think it’s 2nd Gen. Also I have a Chromecast, which isnt displayed either, so I’m guessing it might be a problem with the application itself. I’ll do as you say and let you know how it goes. Thx again


@merseyman I deleted those folders you said. Had to reinstall the app, but still didnt show any streaming devices. Any other ideas?


Try this as a quick fix for Chromecast and a bit of a test for the “discovery” process on your PC.

Download VLC ( to your Windows default apps (download) location. It should then show up (next time you launch PT) in the “Watch Now” pop-up option list? Like in my screenshot.

Apart from needing it for playing torrents that PT “Butter” player won’t open (lacking codec) … it has its own Chromecast streaming option. So, choose VLC in “Watch Now” as your playback option and when it starts running in VLC - choose (from the VLC menu) Playback > Renderer > “your CC device”. If you can’t see your device in the submenu, you’ve got an issue in your set-up/network.

Let me know if that works and I’ll give you one of two other options - either:

1.How to update to the latest Ci (Dev) build, or
2.Use a third party app and a PT magnet link to stream/cast to your TV?


Hey there again! yeah… its definitely not a set-up problem since I’m using Airflow with both CC and Apple TV casting without any problems.
It has to do with the Popcorn Time not recognizing either of the devices for some reason.


Ok, that answers my question … did you try the VLC player’s CC option then?

I used to use Airflowapp too … can’t remember though - does it play torrents?`has always been a bit flaky for some users when it comes to “discovery”. Haven’t had any real issues myself - apart from when an update in ATV 4 broke PT’s airplay connection (mandatory device verification). PT only works with previous Generations (2+3) of ATV.

The Ci (Jenkins) builds are supposed to improve network “Discovery”… do you want me to give you the PT Dev build option to try?


Sure, I’ll give it a go

#9 … Try either Build #362 or #277.

If you were a Mac user I’d have said #294 (instead of #277) but the options not there for Windows. Everything after #296 has an updated NWjs. Delete the support folders if you change builds … clean installs are preferable.

One slight glitch … recently there’s been an issue downloading from the server with a browser (basically, it won’t) You’ll need a download manager app. Try: … good luck!