Nothing shows up when i open Popcorn Time


When i open Popcorn time, nothing shows up no movies or anything. I have uninstalled and installed it back several times. I also have the app on my phone and nothing shows up too. I don’t know if it is a region problem, I live in UAE. I have windows 8.1. Also, it doesn’t work on my brothers laptop too. I have no idea what is the issue. Please help. And this is the latest version i downloaded today from the


Screenshot it’s not from because *.sh have completely different user interface.
Screenshot was from *.to or *.is


Yes you are actually right. I just checked it and its from *.to. My apologies. But when i type in it says the site cannot be reached. And also i couldn’t even from this website, i have vpn activated right now to access this page. So, i guess its a region problem?


website looks normaly in my browser. make sure you have https:// in front not http://

or website just had some little downtime.