Outlander: Season 4 Episode 7 - is the wrong episode


Episode 7 of Outlander shows incorrect episode. Episode 7 is missing completely from Popcorn Time. Does anybody know why?


We get TVshow content from EZTV is the episode wrong as well in their website?


I’m not sure. I am not able to access EZTV.


can you send us a screen shot where it is missing ? because personally i don’t know outlander but i can see S4E7 there and working


If you look at Episode 7 of Season 3 you will see that it is called Crème de Menthe. This is the correct episode for Season 3 but it has been copied/repeated onto Popcorn Time as Episode 7 of Season 4. The title is correct on E7S4 but the episode is not. What we looking for is the proper content to E7S4.