Popcorn doesn't load any movies any longer not even with new version


Whenever I try to see a movie it just get stuck on loading
Downloading new version didn’t help


Here with our same problem! Is there a solution for it?


Your ISP is blocking you , or your firewall , are you able to torrent with normal Torrent client?


maybe there is not enough seeders?


What are you watching popcorn time on


you need more storage


are you still having probiotics with popcorn Lindsy


i have the same problem can someone help me pls??


I have the same problem on my Macbook, 2 windows computers but I dont have the problem on my android phone… Any solution yet?


The solution is to work out/find what is blocking the download request?

Something in your set-up (LAN): OS Firewall/Security, Antivirus, VPN, Third party Firewall/security apps, Router setting/security.

Your internet connection (WAN): DNS server, ISP, a Cloudflare/IP block.

Maybe something as simple as a corrupted PT support file?

Usually the solution is at the simpler end (less esoteric) … Antivirus/Firewall, DNS/ISP, a clean install of Popcorntime.

Popcorntime works for most of us … most of the time. Just make sure you’re asking about Popcorntime.sh 0.3.10 (the version supported on this forum)? Make sure you’re not mixing-up different versions on different devices?

Give the Popcorntime version name/build number for your OS/device when posting?


Merseyman, thanks for your reply.
All of the versions on my desktop, Macbook are 3.10, downloaded for popcorntime.sh
The thing I don’t get, on neither of these 3 PT works, but on my android phone, version 2.9, it does. I use the same ISP on all of them.

My firewalls? Idk, didn’t change them, so don’t know if that could be the problem.
I tried many clean installs before, even right now as we speak. But still, without good results…

Any advice on what to check at the ISP?


Try changing your computers DNS server: to Google, Cloudflare or OpenDNS ( howtogeek ) - if that doesn’t work you could try a VPN?

I’m a Mac user (but the principal is the same) . On your MacBook - Try this app - see if you get connected when it’s on? It’s no good for ‘day to day’ usage, but should do for testing. Seems counter-intuitive as your Android phone works on your ISP’s network - but give it a go?

After that … it looks as if it’s a local block? It does seem bizarre you could have a common fault on 3 computers (and 2 OS’s) though?

Anyway, try and prove your DNS/ISP isn’t the problem first?


Hello Merseyman!

I get connected when using the VPN+ app.
Also, in my router, I can’t seem to find out how to change my DNS.
I am using an Orange modem, it is a typical BS modem we get here lol.

Thanks for the advice! I hope it will keep working here :slight_smile:


No problem … at least you’ve got a handle on the issue.

I can’t change my DNS either - my ISP router doesn’t have that option. I’m using a VPN ( comes in handy for other things too, though).

Just remember VPN+ is only good for testing … you’ll need a “proper” VPN for serious torrenting?