Popcorn time for iPhone X


I downloaded IOSinstaller to download this app to iPhone X, but I can’t get past step 2…any ideas? I tried reloading the package but still can’t get past step 2…


You haven’t given you’re apps name (build number)? … but you’re definitely not using Popcorntime.sh: It doesn’t have an iOS version.

Why does https://discuss.popcorntime.sh/ have an iOS category … I was wondering that myself (a bit confusing)? It appears to be an association with this project: https://github.com/PopcornTimeTV/PopcornTimeTV … you’re not using this either (I suspect)?

I’m thinking this is your apps Forum: https://forum.getpopcorntime.is/viewtopic.php?t=33388 … correct me if I’m wrong!