Popcorn Time Movies, Series, Anime api not loading; Indie is loading


The popcorn time APIs is not working. I tried re-installing it. But it is still not working.


Did you download it from ci.popcorntime.sh ?


having the same problem my tvi api doesnt load up


and now I have same problem. Movies API doesn’t load up


any ideas or workaround to get it fixed?


I am using now the #277 build and works for me. And download speed is much better than in this latest builds.
Now I miss subtitle feature from last where you can see what subtitles are available and then open the movie. Now on this old build you need open movie first.

But because now I can see movies again and download speed is much better I will not update anymore. Just hope this will work long time now.


Once i connect to trakt this problem starts happening and even the trakt watch list someone times never opens so just dont connect to trakt