Port forwarding on wifi router for Android TV app


Hi, do we need to port forward a TCP or UDP port or port range in order to get more seeds, like on bitcomet or bittorrent clients? I’m using tv-armeabi-v7a-release-0.1.4 downloaded from this site.


I use the default setting on my Mac (random port) but as I’m using a VPN … I assume they’re using port forwarding? I’m not having issues with seeding - other than with the identifiable bad (poorly seeded) torrents? I don’t think port forwarding is going to help you much there (with bad torrents)?

But if you’re having trouble with healthy torrents (and you know what to do) give it a go. PT is a torrent client (albeit sequential) at heart?


Unfortunately on the TV app there is no option where you can set a static port number, and I don’t know how to use a VPN with the TV app.


Here’s a link for the Ci (dev) build 170: https://ci.popcorntime.sh/view/All/job/Popcorn-Time-Android/170/

I’ve no idea if it’s an improvement - but if you want to try it, you’ll need a download manager app (there’s a problem downloading from the server with a browser).


If sou have download problems you can download from my Mega account


The Android TV version from the website currently has the same functionality as the builds from the CI. So no need to use them.


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yes, they are the same. Where were you have been last two months? Download from CI. does not work more than 2 months!

I have just upload them on my Mega account so somebody can actually download newest version if he need help.