Possibility to cast to my Samsung smart tv?


I would like to cast movies to my Samsung smart tv. I installed the android app on my Huawei P smart, but when I play a movie, I can’t find a button to cast it to my tv? Did I install a wrong version or something like that? Or what am I doing wrong?
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Android App support DLNA what version are you using?


Hello, I use 0.2.9 - arm64-v8a


you dont see the logo on the right corner ?


No, it isn’t there, should I see it when the movie is playing, or before that?




It seem it is not detecting your smart TV , can you let us know the model ?


Samsung UE-55NU7170 55" UHD TV


Hmm it should be working , i Have the model , make sure you Smart TV is connected to the same Wifi/Network
Could you provide your Android Version API ? ( Tested on API 22)



Probably ConnectSDK ( Module that we use to cast to different Smart TV , Chromecast ) is outdated and need upgrade we will look into it soon i hope


Go to popcorntime and open the menu in the left hand corner. Go to settingss. . Change the videoplayer and try again


not having this TV model but maybe will not show subtitles. My Samsung UE40ES6100 not showing subtitles if movie isnt on flash drive or external hard drive. No matter iff movie or subtitle have completly same name.


I have a sony bravia smart tv and have the 3.2.2 version of popcorn and it opens and I can watvh móvies but it doesnt appear on the main screen and I dont know what else to do. I aprreciate your help.


Popcorn Time Android version 3.2.2 is from another site. And not from this.