What doe these symbols mean?


What does the R and the T (or F) mean next to Movies on this image? Which one should be selected? Does it make a difference at all? What do those symbols stand for?
Sorry to be a pest again, just trying to learn this Popcorn wonder :wink:


No problem … that’s what we’re here for.

You’re using the “official” website version (0.3.10) … the search function in that version is now defunct (“broken”). But to answer your question: R stood for the torrent site - RARBG (my favourite) and the other is the symbol for KAT (kickasstorrents). The idea was you could choose which one you wanted to make a (torrent) search in.

However, if you download one of the Popcorntime.sh (“trial”) Ci builds from their Jenkins page (https://ci.popcorntime.sh/view/All/) - they have a working search function in the torrent collection window. If you input a search it will interrogate the torrent sites of 1337x and TPB (if it’s up!).

Here’s my search for Damage 1992

Unfortunately, they’re not seeded … so not working! (connecting)

Edit: You’d need a ‘download manager’ app to use the Ci link - there are problems with the server (at the mo.) that drop the process in a Browser.


Excellent! Thank you for your help AGAIN…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I will try not to worry you again… till I need help again, of course :wink: