Why are some movies not listed?


I am looking for ‘Reversal of Fortune’ with Glenn Close and Jeremy Irons, but it just comes up 'NO MOVIES FOUND…


Movies listed in Popcorntime.sh are sourced from the YTS.ag/am torrent site. If they don’t have your movie (Reversal of Fortune) in their catalogue then PT can’t show it … it’s that simple.

Notwithstanding that, I can only see 2 copies across all the usual torrent sources: one 480p, the other 720p (with low seed counts). You won’t find every show or movie in torrents … they favour the newest/latest or the most popular/in demand. You can still find some ‘old classics’ supported by fans, but it’s a bit “hit and miss”.

If you can find your own torrent elsewhere - you can always use the magnet link or torrent file (copy/paste or drag/drop) and play it through the PT app.
Such as:

But it always needs seeders present?


Thank you, but how do I get to the window shown above to paste the torrent? Can you please give me a guide as to how to open that PT window where it says ‘PLEASE SELECT A FILE TO PLAY’


From this window uploaded here, how do I get to the window shown in your response to my query?


click on map icon on top (2 icons left from settings).
by the way… I put request for you so you just need to wait before they rip it


Thank you! Much appreciated!


GASP!!! You are SO fantastic!! Downloading the torrent and dropping it in the PT window where you said, WORKS!! IT WORKS!! I AM OVER THE MOON!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!